Why Learn Graphic Design?

Why learn graphic design?

Because it can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things that you can do.  Not only can you make good money at it, but you can actually create and bring something (a product) into the world that will have a positive (hopefully) effect on others.  You can design things that could be seen by millions of people! 

Most importantly graphic design is a perfect form of self-expression.  It is the art of the visual and it is around us and influences all of us daily.  Graphic design is very rewarding but like anything of value, it's going to take some time and dedication on your part to get to the level where you can really exercise your creative potential.

To get to that level you need the right tools.  Look no further than Adobe Photoshop.  It is the #1 tool of choice for graphic designer's worldwide.  It IS how design is done.  If you're serious about graphic design, it is what you need to study and learn...ask any designer?!  You must first master the technical basics before you can begin to harness the creative potential within you.  Your creativity and vision needs and outlet and Photoshop is the source through which your energies can flow.

There are other programs that can help you design (3D, vector..) but Photoshop is the tool of choice because of it's numerous powerful features for graphic designers (and photographers).  In this digital day and age, you are here for a reason.  You can have the powerful tools but if you don't know how to use them you can just let all of your potential creative power go to waste.  That would be a shame. 

You should always continue your education process with Photoshop and graphic design.  If you slow down, others will pass you.  Learn the technical tools and skills required and also get a head start by using techniques and methods that professional designers use to cut down on your learning curve.  You can make it as painful as possible to learn Photoshop (try reading the Help menus) or make it as easy as possible.  Either way, you're going to have to make an investment in your education. 

There are courses that will charge a pretty penny to learn Photoshop and that's the truth.  Take a look at vocational courses or graphic design schools.  They definitely are an investment and cost a pretty penny.  Your education is worth it if you're serious, but one thing about graphic design school is that they're still not going to teach you real inside-industry killer secrets of graphic design and all the "cool stuff".  So you have to search out their on your own. 

It's going to be hard to find people that are just going to give away their year's worth of hard-earned secrets because of the competitiveness in the industry.  The online community is starting to change that to a degree.  I am proud to offer you a network of resources where you can learn as much as you can because there are some great tutorials out there that will help you learn bits and pieces here and there (and that's important to your continuing education).

But if you want completely dive into Photoshop you're going to have to find a resource that is enjoyable to learn and yet completely educational for a highly cost-effective solution.  By ordering a DVD training program you can save $1000's on the cost of going through a traditional educational course. 

In this day and age, get the additional skills you need the way that you want to.  Deke McClelland (longtime Photoshop teacher) offers a quality training program through Total Training.  I have his book "The Photoshop 7 Bible".  It's great to help with technical mastery of Photoshop.  But as was noted at the latest PhotoshopWorld Midnight Madness, he also wrote a book for CorelDraw 9 (if we would have had tomatoes we would have been throwing them in good jest).

If you're serious about learning graphic design, you must first master the technical basics and take it from there) of Photoshop.  The Discover Photoshop: Total Package Training Program can help get you there.  Yes, a degree can help but please understand it is not the be all and end all: what's more important is your portfolio and ability to produce great design.  This package includes Basic Photoshop.com training AND the PhotoshopDesigner/graphic design training for only $139.

During your ongoing Photoshop/graphic design education process you can be studying design from quality resources that are willing to actually teach you and a lot of your education will be experience, recreation, and studying "breaking down" graphic design that you see in the world around you.  Just open your eyes to the visual world around you.  PhotoshopDesign.Net will continue to bring you great graphic design resources and Photoshop training to help you become a great Photoshop Designer.


- Orion Williams copyright 2004


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