iPSD Series

Photoshop Designers, I am proud to announce the brand spanking new release of the iPSD Designer Series with the Flyer Collection.  Now you can interact with actual layered .PSD files of FINISHED designs.  You will reach new levels of insight when you can actually see and involve yourself within the design itself.  With our iPSD Series files, you can feel free to turn the layers on and off and look into all of the technical and creative aspects involved in the design. 

Don't waste years trying to figure out "How it's Done"-Find out Today!

(half size screen shots of what you will see in full screen mode)


The Brand New iPSD Flyer Designer Series comes with 60 Flyer Style .psd's complete with: Layers, notes, channels, adjustments, filters, metadata, fills, strokes, masks, rasters, duplicates, channels, paths, typography, you name it- it's all there!  The priceless annotations are your guide as they will clue you further into the design and building process. 


See how all of the Photoshop techniques and components relate to each other in the overall final product.  It's like being a Design Detective and you won't find it anywhere else!  With iPSD, you can explore everything and finally understand design from the inside-out. 


To read more about it click here.


Click here to preview all 60 designs click here or here to order.  The iPSD Series comes with the Photoshop Designer Package for $97 here.