What is NAPP and how do I join?

NAPP is the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.  There is an annual fee to join $99 but includes many benefits.  You receive a subscription to Photoshop User magazine (bi-monthly) which has lots of Photoshop information and tutorials covering all different aspects of Photoshop and how to use it more effectively.  It's a great magazine and I look forward to every new issue.

When you join you get a "100 Hot Photoshop Tips" Booklet packed with great shortcuts and tips.  You also get exclusive access to Photoshop Online members area with tons of Photoshop resources, new weekly tutorials, articles, reviews, forums, job postings, free tech support, Photoshop news, member gallery, plug-ins, downloads and great product (hardware, software) discounts.  You even save on hotels, rental cars and health insurance.

As a member you also get $100 off of admission to PhotoshopWorld conferences (two conferences per year) and discounts on other conferences.  I went to the Photoshop World East Conference in Miami and Photoshop World West in San Francisco.  Click here to read about the latest conference and see some cool pix (including Midnight Madness).

It's absolutely worth it to be a member and if you're serious about Photoshop I'd recommend that you join because it's another way to keep improving your Photoshop skills and knowledge.  I am a proud member and have learned a lot from it and will continue to promote it.  There is no test to join and you don't have to be an "expert", just willing to learn!  They now even offer CEU Continuing Education Credits.

Many members have made up for the annual fee by the discounts they've saved on hard/software from being a member alone.  They have a wide range of members from 107 countries around the world, but the majority of the members are either photographers, graphic designers, print shops, Web designers, publications, ad agencies, DV designers, in-house art departments, educators, trainers, or consultants.  Prosumers and hobbyists are welcome to join NAPP.

Being a member of NAPP is a great value and I highly recommend it if you're serious about Photoshop and graphic design.  You can sign up today by clicking here.  It is $99 US, $129 for Canada and $149 for International (which covers postage, etc.) per year.  You'll also receive membership card and use of the logo.  If you want you can use my name as the referral when signing up.  Click below to go to their website.


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