Features for the Photographer

Powerful Features for the Photographer

Photoshop is the perfect complement to any level of photographer.  From amateur to professional, anyone can benefit from the powerful features packed in Photoshop.  It's the perfect post-production tool for scanned in or digital photographs.

With Photoshop you are able to make quality image enhancements and adjustments.  Here is an overview list of the adjustments you can make to improve your photographs: levels, contrast, brightness, color balance, curves, hue, saturation, de-saturation, selective color, channel mixer, variations and in the new version (Photoshop CS) you have the powerful Shadow/Highlight tool and Photo Filter adjustment (which lets you basically try out different 'camera filters' on your image). 

My Discover Photoshop: CS Compact Disc covers great new features for photographers in Adobe's latest version of the program.  This Bonus cd is available with my Photoshop Designer training.

As you can see there are many ways to adjust the brightness values and color values of your images.  If you take a photo at the wrong exposure in the production process (taking the picture) you can correct it in Photoshop.  Of course the better quality the original image, the easier it will be to make minor adjustments but if you have some really off the wall exposures, Photoshop can still do a great job at correcting them.  You can find out more about each of these options in the full Basic Photoshop training program where image adjustments and photo touchups are covered in detail.

There are so many powerful options for photographers to use to enhance their images that lesser programs just can't compare to Photoshop.  Pro photographers rely on Photoshop to enhance their images; you should too!

- Article by Orion Williams copyright 2004




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