Is Photoshop Worth It?

Still considering buying Adobe Photoshop?  Is Photoshop Worth It?  Is it possible to get it cheaper?

Simply stated: YES; it's worth it.  But you must plan on using it otherwise you're going to leave the most powerful image editing program in the world just to rest.  Photoshop is a powerful creative and professional tool that can create miracles with you at it's helm!

Photoshop is the industry standard for photo post-production, image editing and graphic design.  Adobe has done it again by creating the latest version Photoshop CS (8).  There are many great new features which you can find out about by clicking here.

Anyone who is anyone in the world of design either uses Photoshop or knows about it.  Everything that you see in the advertising world around you daily was probably created with Photoshop.  Is it a worthy investment?  Absolutely.  Lesser programs just don't cut it.  Photoshop is just loaded with features to help you become a more proficient and creative graphic designer.

Photoshop is used to create everything and anything Visual.  From movie posters, to billboards, from websites to brochures, Photoshop is the perfect tool for demanding professionals and serious amateurs.  Photographers couldn't ask for anything more because Photoshop gives them all of the post production features that they could ever use.  If it's not there now, be sure that Adobe will supply the demand from pro's in future upgrades.

If you are interested in a real tool for image editing or are serious about learning graphic design, Photoshop is for you!  Industry insiders know it and many designers earn great income purely from their Photoshop knowledge and skills.  Complement your new journey with great Photoshop education.  Graphic design vocational school or college can cost you $40,000.  That's a big investment.  If there are ways where you can learn Photoshop and graphic design itself, then you should be open to them.  PhotoshopDesign.NET & are there to help you keep growing in your wisdom.

Either way, make an investment in Photoshop (I recommend the Creative Suite upgrade itself...I have the "Standard Edition") and quality Photoshop education to get you going as fast as you can.  You're here for a reason.  Is Photoshop worth it?  Yes.  It's a perfect tool for self-expression and commercial profitability and lesser software programs don't come near the depth of what you can do with Adobe Photoshop.  It will pay for itself many times over (if you use it!).

And yes you can look for deals on eBay...sometimes resellers will bundle older versions with newer upgrades...this can save you some money as compared to purchasing an outright new version; but it's important to be 'legit'.  Don't be a bloody pirate, Adobe deserves every penny for their premium software but you can look for unopened/unregistered/bundled (or Academic if you qualify) deals out there or retailers who'll skim a little off of the top (ie. 1%). 

I pre-ordered my CS Standard Upgrade version from (NAPP member special discount) well before it was released and got it early October (or was it November?..).

- Article by Orion Williams copyright 2004




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