Tummy Tuck

Can I really get a tummy tuck?

Yes and you can also give them!  This is the power of Photoshop.  You can do real "digital" plastic surgery and weight reduction.  There is simply no better photo post-production tool than Adobe Photoshop.  It is easy for you to make someone look years younger and lose a few pounds.  If only it was this easy in the real world!

In Photoshop 7 or CS you can use the Liquify command to do some reconstructive surgery or weight reduction.  How?  Using the tools, you can shift the pixels into the place you want them.  The Liquify command (under the Filter menu) also allows you to "Freeze" areas around the pixels that you are going to move; this keeps those pixels in place an unaffected. 

Look for an upcoming tutorial on this (yes with real "pictures") except its tricky to pick someone who'll let you show it to the world and I can't do it on myself because I don't need a tummy tuck...

Always make sure to duplicate the original layer so you have a backup plan and then you can liquify or move pixels on that new layer.  With the liquify command you can use different tools to move pixels such as: bloat, shift, mirror, twirl, push, pucker.  You'll want to fool around with these different tools to get comfortable with what they can do.  You can easily stretch someone's nose or warp their face.

But back to the tummy tuck (also works for minimizing love handles); you'll want to freeze the areas that you want to keep in place around the area you're going to shift the pixels.  Simply use the Freeze Mask tool with an appropriate brush size to paint the areas that you want to freeze (you will see a rubylith mask which will show the frozen areas).  You can then use shift pixels with a large brush size to move those love handles/tummy into the body. 

If you don't like your latest moves, you have several options where you can revert or reconstruct and try again.  Revert will slowly bring the actions back to the original state.  You can also click on an off to see a mesh (technical calculations of your liquifying) which you can also save for later use.  Try out the liquify tool and bring back a younger, fitter look on yourself or other people. 

Fashion editor's will make adjustments like these.  Is it ethical?  Absolutely.  Make sure you have someone's permission to 'improve' them when using an image (unless they are family..haha)  That's up to you to decide but keep in mind that you don't want to create a different person per say, you just want to improve them so they would look "on a really good day" (as Deke McClelland says). 

We all know someone who met someone 'online' who didn't look like they did in the picture, but hey; that's another issue because as Photoshop users we just want to be the best at what we do.  Click here for my complete Designer training.

- Article by Orion Williams copyright 2004



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