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Here we are going to create a teaser poster and do some crazy font stuff to create some creepy text.

Create a new document with these settings.

Now choose a font like Adobe Jensen Pro and type a line of your title. Each line of text you are going to put onto itís own layer. To exit the text editing field you have to click on another tool in the tool box or onto another layer in the layers palette. Click onto another tool and then click back on the T tool after you have entered the first line of text.

Make this second line of text smaller..this helps create diversity and interest. You DONíT want to create several lines of text the exact same size like my hometown journal did for my class reunion ad which no one probably even read or noticed it.

Here you can see that I have each line of text on itís own layer. Duplicate each by dragging it to the new layer icon and organize these into a layer set (folder icon) and hide the folder.

Now you have an original set of editable text layers and three other layers. Right click on each of these and rasterize layer. Now you should have the invisible set and the rasterized originals.

Start with one of the layers selected in the layers palette and now that it is rasterized you can add some filters. Go to Filter: Torn Edges. Here in Photoshop CS Iím using the filter gallery (which is probably only viewable on a 30í wide flatscreen monitor).
Adjust the settings so you get some tearage going on closer to too much than to too little.

Press OK and selected another layer in the layers palette by clicking on the layer icon.

Now go to Filter menu and just click on Torn Edges to apply the exact same effects without having to bring up the dialog box (how convenient or Ctrl F..more convenient).

Hereís the cool part. Duplicate one of these layers and change the new layer blending mode to difference. This is extracting the dark colors to light and vice versa so you can see the creepy effect of our torn edges.

Duplicate each of the original layers and change the blending mode to difference.  Want to learn blending modes in video?  Understand it all here with my Total Package.  The tutorial continues...Don't say you'll be right back, because you won't..


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