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Be sure to check out dozens of articles too.  PSD.NET tutorials created in Photoshop CS.

Create a club style poster with vector elements Create a picture within a circular window Learn lots of advanced techniques here Re-Create a popular movie style poster

Learn advanced masking techniques Create an elegantly simple mask. A must for beginners. Create an advanced design character portrait Understand more of how to work with gradients.

Design a telecom style ad from one photograph

Create a club flyer/card using different elements of flyer design.

Create an elegant and appealing portrait design.


External Link Tutorials.  Great stuff out there!  This will be growing fast soon!


Grunge Pipes Fairy Eyes
Grunge Pipes
In this tutorial we are going to show you how to to make some cool looking grunge pipes. These are very simple to create and this technique can be applied to other images as well.

Fairy Eyes
Learn how to create a unique looking pair of eyes that are very colorful, this is more than just changing eye color.


Interface w/Window Reflections Cingular Logo
Interface w/Window Reflections
This tutorial shows you how to utilize Photoshops Liquify filter to help create some unique window reflections and also how to do the '5 second metal' trick.
Cingular Logo
Learn how to create that cool little orange guy we all love.


Thumbnail ThumbnailMetal Crate Texture
Create a neverending ocean mist effect.
Great tutorial to learn techniques used for texturing metallics



I use Photoshop CS in the Adobe Creative Suite Standard Edition.

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